Vacuum tubes is the ideal technology for high end audio. Their inherent linearity aids in keeping design simple and the sound reproduction quality higher than solid state amplifiers.

Vacuum tube ( or ‘valve’) amplifiers can be roughly divided into two categories: single-ended and push-pull. We have products in both categories.

As a boutique amplifier manufacturer, we can design with your speakers in mind. Contact us for a personal design that fits in with your current hifi components.

Usually your loud speaker sensitivity determines the power needed. If your loudspeakers have a SPL rating of more or equal to 94 dB/watt, a single-ended design might be the amplifier of choice. For SPL ratings below 94 dB/watt push-pull amplifiers are more suited. Ultimately your ears are the best judge. Some clients with lower sensitivity speakers still prefer the single-ended sound.

Some amplifiers are available as kits too.

We offer three finishes on chasses and enclosures: black, ash grey or brushed stainless steel.

All amplifiers can be supplied with a protective cage at extra cost. The stylish cage protects the tubes and offers safety to children and pets in home environments.

We can accommodate buyers who need flexible payment options.  Contact us to make an arrangement. Manufacturing commences once 66% of full price has been settled.

Scroll down to explore our range of hifi amplifiers.

Push-Pull Amplifiers

Mars Performer

Powerful sound, punchy bass

Ideal for heavy rock, opera and electronic music

Vital specs:

  • 100 watt push-pull
  • KT88 output tubes

Suitable for large rooms

Matches well with bookshelf speakers

Mars Companion

Relaxing, effortless sound at high and low volume

Ideal for rock, classical symphony and electronic music; a reliable all-rounder

Vital specs:

  • output power: 100 watt push-pull

  • output tubes: KT88 or 6550

  • loudspeaker impedance: 4-8 ohm

  • weight: 22kg

  • For floor-standing speakers or a large room, this is the amplifier of choice.

Also available as kit

Mars Student

Clear and crisp tones with solid bass; the classic entry-level student amplifier 

Vital specs: 

  • 30 watt push-pull
  • EL84 output tubes

Suitable for office or student room and speakers with sensitivity above 94dB/watt

Also available as kit

Mars 5-10 Stereo

Incredible big sound for a 30 watt amplifier. Clear, defined smooth sound

Vital specs:

  • 30 watt push-pull
  • EL84 output tubes
  • EF86 pre- and ECC82 driver tubes

Great all round amplifier for medium listening volumes. Based on the famous Mullard 5-10 amplifier.

Also available as kit

Mars Vintage 70

A powerful stereo tube amplifier with tube rectifier at a reasonable price. Perfect for a medium sized room, holiday home or office.

Vital specs:

  • output power: 70 watt (35 watt per stereo channel)
  • output tubes: El34 or 6CA7
  • 5U4G tube rectifier
  • loudspeaker impedance: 4 and 8 ohm
  • weight: 20kg
  • bluetooth connectivity (optional)
  • AUX input
  • volume control
  • sub-woofer output

Single-Ended Amplifiers

Mars Exceller

Crisp, detailed clear tones, relaxed full sound with effortless bass. Ideal for medium-ensemble jazz and classical music, trios and quartets, acoustic instruments

Vital specs:

  • 32 watt single-ended (SE)
  • KT88 output tubes

Suitable for medium-sized rooms

Also available as kit

Mars SET

Clear, wide open natural sound of Single Ended Triodes. Ideal for small-ensemble jazz and classical music, solos and trios, acoustic instruments

Vital specs:

  • 12 watt single-ended triode (SET) class A music output
  • EL34 output tubes  (can be upgraded to 2A3 DHT tubes – [Read more])
  • ECC88 input tube
  • 1:1 interstage transformer

Ideal house music amplifer. Suitable for medium sized rooms or offices

Also available as kit

Pre Amplifiers

Mars Phono 9

The phono 9 is our flag ship phono. It has high gain and uses popular vacuum tubes.


  • all tube signal path
  • +47 dB gain – very low noise floor
  • hand wired point to point; no printed circuit boards
  • base on RCA passive EQ design with added cathode follower
  • 12AX7 and 12AT7 tubes used
  • AC filament supply for dynamic sound
  • high quality Vishay and MKP capacitors
  • metal film resistors used in audio circuit.
  • designed for Moving Magnet cartidges
  • Moving coil step up transformers optional (enquire about price)
  • integrates perfectly with Mars stereo amplifiers and audiophile turntables


Mars Buffer

The need for a buffer to add a tube to your signal path, without adding gain is now bigger than ever. With DAC’s (Digital Analogue Converters) being so popular, a common problem occurs. The DAC output is too high, and your amplifier plays music at maximum as soon as you turn the volume to 1. To the rescue comes the attenuator with a tube buffer. No matter what attenuation you select, the signal is not degraded and the magic sound of the vacuum tube makes your music sound the way it should.

The design is a cathode follower with a current source

At Mars Tube Audio we have the experience, knowledge and skill to hand craft audio gear that sounds excellent. We manufacture and offer support from our workshop in Paarl, South Africa.


Our workmanship is guaranteed for three years, and the tubes we supply for 6 months from sale date. All support is offered from our Paarl workshop.

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