Our Products


Mars Exceller

Crisp, detailed clear tones, relaxed full sound with effortless bass. Ideal for medium-ensemble jazz and classical music, trios and quartets, acoustic instruments.

Mars SET

Clear, wide open natural sound of Single Ended Triodes. Ideal for small-ensemble jazz and classical music, solos and trios, acoustic instruments.

Mars Performer

Powerful sound, punchy bass

Ideal for heavy rock, opera and electronic music.

Mars Companion

Relaxing, effortless sound at high and low volume

Ideal for rock, classical symphony and electronic music; a reliable all-rounder.

Mars Student

Clear and crisp tones with solid bass; the classic entry-level student amplifier.

Mars 5-10 Stereo

Incredible big sound for a 30 watt amplifier. Clear, defined smooth sound.

Mars Kit2 Mk2

The Mars Kit2 Mk2 is our most popular kit amplifier, matching well with most modern speakers.

Mars Buffer

The need for a buffer to add a tube to your signal path, without adding gain is now bigger than ever. 

Guitar Amplifiers


Mars 5E3

A clone of the original tweed deluxe amplifier with a Alnico loudspeaker and custom made transformers.


Mars KG50R

A American styled head; 50watts with reverb.


Mars 24

An octal preamp and  cathode bias 6L6GC powered head for blues and harp and everything else. 


Mars 15

A British style combo; 15 watts.

At Mars Tube Audio we have the experience, knowledge and skill to hand craft audio gear that sounds excellent. We manufacture and offer support from our workshop in Paarl, South Africa.


Our workmanship is guaranteed for three years, and the tubes we supply for 6 months from sale date. All support is offered from our Paarl workshop.

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