About MarsAmps


Mars Tube Audio was founded by Karel Mars in 2004 to supply the local market with quality vacuum tube amplifiers and to develop electronic skills in the DIY audio community.

It soon became apparent that we needed to have a reliable and high quality source of audio transformers. We are now manufacturing most of the audio transformers that we supply.



In 1990 Karel Mars started his career in audio technology at a repairs workshop in Johannesburg servicing industrial audio equipment.

As a sideline, he worked as a sound engineer for live gigs. From this experience he learned much about sound reproduction and the effects of the different elements – loudspeakers, acoustics and technology – on the listener’s experience of music.

He then decided to develop his skills in tube technology starting with guitar amplifiers and branching into audiophile hifi.


Our focus is on the musical experience; we believe a hifi amplifier should not intrude on the rapport between musician and listener, being ‘transparent’.

Our amplifiers pack a punch, but sound terrific at lower volume as well. We pride ourselves on the musicality of our products.

We design both musical instrument and hifi amplifiers. This benefits us to use the best aspects of both fields in our designs.

Guitar amplifiers need to be powerful, reliable and simple. Hifi amplifiers need to exhibit low levels of distortion and match current loud speaker manufacture.

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At Mars Tube Audio we have the experience, knowledge and skill to hand craft audio gear that sounds excellent. We manufacture and offer support from our workshop in Paarl, South Africa.


Our workmanship is guaranteed for three years, and the tubes we supply for 6 months from sale date. All support is offered from our Paarl workshop.

Contact Us

Email: karel@marsamps.co.za

Phone: +27 72 446 5072

Laan Rust, 1 Pastorie Ave, Paarl

Web: www.marsamps.co.za