We are passionate about vintage vacuum tube audio.

What We Do

Mars Tube Audio is a producer of affordable high-end tube audio equipment, as completed products or DIY kits.

All our completed products are assembled and hand-wired at our workshop in Paarl, Western Cape. 

We offer guided workshops for DIY projects.

We also service, repair and renovate tube audio equipment.

Single Ended Triode Amplifiers

A good SET amplifier combined with a single full range driver with no crossover or a simple two-way using minimal crossover parts on the tweeter only, has a purity and depth that you simply don’t find in more conventional systems.

Single Ended Ultra Linear

If you want more power than single ended triodes, and you do not want push-pull, then you listen to single ended tetrodes. Tetrodes have a more commanding bass control and higher sensitivity than triodes. This bring out the clarity and detail in music. 

Push-pull amplifiers

Push-pull amplifiers are the workhorse of hifi. If you have regular hifi loudspeakers, this is the amp you are looking for. More bass control and effortless sound.

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DIY Workshops
Vintage Restoration

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What our customers think

I bought my Performer Kit and assembled the kit mostly at home. I completed the project when I attended one of Mars Tube Audio’s workshops. The Workshop added good value in terms of eliminating distinctive problems I have encountered during the initial construction phase. Thereafter I connected the amp to a set of Yamaha NS-1000M speakers. Once my Genalex Gold Lion KT88 where burned in properly, I fell in love with the typical warm Tube Amp sound. I am extremely pleased with the end result and I consider myself to have reached the pinnacle of good old-fashioned warm and rich sound.

Alwyn Schutte

    After a bit of a learning curve and over a few months I got my Mars 5E3 Tweed Guitar Amp kit completed. Instructions were straight-forward enough for even a first-timer to complete. What an experience! And what a sound! It is my main amp now. I can't wait to do another kit from Karel and MarsAmps!

    Chris Parry

      I built the Mars Kit2 a few years ago - choosing to do it on my own - it turned out to be a wonderful experience - albeit challenging in the beginning, but Karel was very supportive throughout the process and I learned a lot from him about valve circuits. To this day he still helps with little niggles I pick up. Amazing after sales service! The amp itself sounds incredible. I mostly listen to vinyl but also stream Spotify for background listening. It handles anything with ease from jazz, classical, rock to electronic music. Very very transparent and an absolute pleasure to listen to. Highly recommended!

      Wietsche Calitz
        My question: "What does this setup do to your music reproduction as compared to solid state amps?"
        "It's so much clearer, crisper and the mid tones seem to come through much easier.  I can listen to this for hours and hours without getting tired, where's with my Nad, even though it's mid tones are good and the sound is mellow, I have to crank it up higher to hear more and that makes my ears tired. I hope that makes sense."
        Waheeb Abader Companion - Push Pull Amp
          At Mars Tube Audio we have the experience, knowledge and skill to hand craft audio gear that sounds excellent. We manufacture and offer support from our workshop in Paarl, South Africa.


          Our workmanship is guaranteed for three years, and the tubes we supply for 6 months from sale date. All support is offered from our Paarl workshop.

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